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30 Minutes to Merge: DevOps

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30 Minutes to Merge: DevOps

September 30, 2021 • Online

Join @beardofedu and GitHub’s Senior Engineer @jasonetco from GitHub’s special projects team - the team focused on making an impact, helping users work faster, and improving the developer experience.

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matheusfelipeog commented Aug 27, 2021

There are many inactive PRs that have already been revised and with their APIs according to our addition criteria. These PRs are just waiting for some correction that was requested by one of the maintainers, and as they are inactive PRs, they will likely not be done.

Inactive PRs must be closed and their APIs added if they still meet our criteria.

Maintainers can add the APIs of these PRs in

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CodingSpecies commented Sep 20, 2021

Every single pull request made by others contains a commit that shows the package-lock.json being altered.
However, the user and creator of the pull-request hasn't done anything or made any changes. I think it automatically updates things such as the version every time someone forks and clones, and adds changes.

EDIT: An easy solution would be to create a file named .gitignore, and add

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Hound reviews your code then comments directly in Pull Requests, helping your team maintain consistent coding style and high code quality.