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darbyjack commented Mar 12, 2021

With PaperMC getting access to the new GitHub templates that are slowly rolling out, it would be cool to consider some kind of command to help pre-fill information for reporting bug

As seen here ( PaperMC is already in the works on the new template st

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The ReadME Podcast

Your favorite open source projects and the developers who make them happen. Listen in!

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Git is the most widely used version control system.
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GitHub Presente: Em Portuguese
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GitHub Presente: Em Portuguese

June 15, 2021 • Online

Evento virtual que reúne devs e profissionais de tech do Brasil
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Octobox helps you manage your notifications in the same way Gmail helps you manage your email. Built for developer workflows centred around GitHub issues, pull requests, comments and commits, Octobox makes sure you never miss another mention or misplace another issue.

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JoanFM commented Jul 22, 2020

We have to continuously push for quality, thus we always need to improve our testing and test coverage. Any improvement of testing is a great contribution to jina.

If you have no idea how to get started on this, here there are some ideas that could be good to have.

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destroyer449 commented Mar 12, 2021

First off, I would like to thank all of you for working on this project that allows beginners like myself to live inside emacs

Describe the feature
It would be great if doom had a module that set up and configured a matrix client, similar to how our irc module works already. Matrix is similar to discord in that it supports images and other stylistic abilites that irc lacks.
As far as I

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aborruso commented May 24, 2021

If I run trim

echo [[Column1]; ["  Value1   a lot of spaces  "] [Value3]] | str trim

it trims only "wrong" withe spaced at the beginning and at the end

 # │         Column1
 0 │ Value1   a lot of spaces
 1 │ Value3

It it would be great a complete white spaces cleaning

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Travis CI

Travis CI enables your team to test and ship your apps with confidence. It’s built for everyone and for projects and teams of all sizes, supporting over 20 different languages out of the box, including Javascript and Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Python, Mac/iOS, as well as Docker, while giving you full control over the build environment to customize it to your own needs.

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