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Feature Story

You use more open source software than you think

It’s time to stop taking open source infrastructure for granted.

Nader Dabit // react-native-elements

From finding his calling to mastering React Native

Nader is energized by getting vulnerable on open source, learning, teaching, and connecting.

The ReadME Podcast // Episode 06

From a master’s thesis to a global go-to

webpack’s maintainer Tobias Koppers on continuous innovation, open collaboration, and flexibility.

The ReadME Podcast // Episode 04

Humanizing bots and building community

A Python core developer, Mariatta Wijaya is right where she belongs.

Shirley Wu

Chasing dreams, data, and creative coding

Shirley on creating art, representing Asian women in tech, and finding the work that resonates.

The ReadME Project amplifies the voices of the developer community by telling stories about:

Feature Story

React’s greatest power may lie in its open source ecosystem

React changed the way people build apps.

Feature Story

How Global Forest Watch uses open source to fight deforestation

Global Forest Watch uses open source to turn satellite imagery into actionable insight to save forests.

Monica Powell react-ladies

Elevating others and making open source approachable

Monica nurtures inclusive spaces to educate, learn, be creative, and collaborate.

Lorena Mesa pyladies

Building a globally diverse, welcoming Python community

Lorena finds the sweet spot between Python, politics, community governance and open source.

Segun Adebayo Chakra UI

Coding at the speed of design with Chakra UI

Part designer, part UX engineer, Segun is all about accessibility, inclusion, and empathy.

The ReadME Podcast

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Paulus Schoutsen Episode 05

Keeping the lights on with Home Assistant

Maintainer Paulus Schoutsen balances function, innovation, and playfulness.

Scott Hanselman and Mark Downie Episode 03

Taking Das Blog into the future

Maintainers Scott Hanselman and Mark Downie on breathing new life into old software.

Featured Articles

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Open Source on Mars: Community powers NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter

Developers around the world contribute to historic flight.

Developer Stories

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Salah Al-Dhaferi ReCoded-Org

Learning to code against all odds

After a challenging 15-year education journey in Yemen, Salah pays it forward by teaching aspiring young coders.

Tanner Linsley chartjs

When open source is symbiotic with your business

Hooked on open source, Tanner has a knack for building solutions people need.

Jory Burson jquery

Setting the right bar for open source standards

Jory takes matters into her own hands and asks the tough questions to optimize collaboration.

Marcy Sutton whatwg

Making accessibility in tech the rule, not the exception

Marcy on the power of advocacy to normalize accessibility and bring more voices to open source.


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Joe Lust mabl

Walking the walk: bringing end-to-end automation and testing to internal teams

On creating streamlined workflows and a seamless developer experience with built-in CI/CD.

George Swan Autodesk

Transforming productivity with a ‘whole product’ CI/CD pipeline

How a shift towards innersource and shared best practices unified teams on a single DevOps pipeline.

Kevin Mo Front

Boosting speed and scalability with continuous deployments

Why building fast means balancing risk and practicality—from infrastructure migration to project management.

Austin Hemmelgarn Netdata

Connected by collaboration: unifying DevOps and open source

On building a developer-first release process for all: remote teams, enterprise users, and the open source community.

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